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Private Labeling

Custom Private Labeling

TRD is pleased to announce the availability of affordable, custom made private labels. Thanks to recent capital expenditures, TRD has new label printers which can produce full color labels at no additional cost over standard labels. Private labels can feature your customer’s logo (instead of the TRD logo), and provide additional information such as a customer’s part number or contact information. These labels will increase your customer’s (and your) chance to get replacement cylinder business!

TRD has offered some means to private label for years, however cost has always been a limiting factor. Commercial printing setup cost would often run several hundred dollars, and all label orders were subject to minimum quantities at expensive per label rates. Initial setup could sometimes take weeks, and all reorders were subject to printing delays.

TRD’s new printing method makes it easy to do private labeling. All private labels will be printed on the same machines our standard labels use, so there is no additional cost per label. The labels are setup and maintained by TRD staff, so creation time is measured in hours, not days or weeks. Minor changes to a label design like updating a customer’s address or telephone number can be made by quickly modified the database. There are no old, outdated pre-printed labels being wasted. Private labeling is now easier, faster and better than ever before.

Two sizes are available, 2” x 1” and 2” x 2” labels. Contact TRD for more information on setting up private labels for your customers.


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