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Easier Set-Up For Trunnion Style Actuation Solutions

Easier Set-Up For Trunnion Style Actuation Solutions

TRD now offers mountable trunnion supports for 1½” to 8” bore trunnion mounts. The TB-1000 support will take all 1½” to 5” bores, and the TB-1375 support will fit 6” and 8” bores. Trunnion blocks are available in aluminum and stainless steel constructions.

All supports feature IGUS® “High-Load” bearings as standard. These bearings are made of T-500 composite which provide over ten times the strength of bronze bushings for heavy duty performance and long life. T-500 is rated for intermittent food and wash down applications.

Trunnion supports can be used with all NFPA mounts MT1, MT2, and MT4, as well as TRD solid one-piece steel trunnion styles SMT1 and SMT2. (See TRD Bulletin 07-04 for additional information on solid steel one-piece trunnions.)

All trunnion blocks are in stock and available for immediate order. Contact factory for delivery for large orders or special requirements.

Trunnion Block Ordering Information
Part NumberBore sizes
Block Material
Bearing Material
1 1/2" to 5"
Aluminum w/ Black Anodize
T-500 Composite
6" to 8"
Aluminum w/ Black AnodizeT-500 Composite
1 1/2" to 5"
303 Stainless Steel
T-500 Composite
6" to 8"
303 Stainless SteelT-500 Composite
Note: All above part numbers are for a pair of trunnion blocks. To order a single trunnion block, add -1 to the end of the part number (example, TB-1000-1). Fasteners are not supplied.

Replacement Bearing Ordering Information
Part Number
Replaces Trunnion Block Series
Bearing Material
Qty Required Per Trunnion
TB-1000 and SS-TB-1000
TB-1375 and SS-TB-1375T500-Composite2

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