TRD Manufacturing combines twenty-seven years of precision machining and engineering with an unmatched selection of options and modifications to deliver the highest quality customizable NFPA cylinders on the market. At TRD Manufacturing, your specials are our specialty.

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To retrieve a drawing: select the product type or series below, configure the desired model, then click the Download tab. Drawings are available in a wide variety of the most popular CAD formats including DWG, DXF, SAT and STEP. PDF's are also available for viewing without any additional software.

Aluminum Cylinders Stainless Steel Cylinders Bench Top Presses Accessories Additional Products Hydraulic Cylinders
FM Series (Flush Mount) RS Series (Repairable Stainless) BTP Series Frame Only Alignment Couplers AT Series (Air/Oil Tanks) HH Series (Heavy Duty Hydraulic)
FM Series with Rod Lock (Flush Mount) SS Series (Stainless Steel) TAP Series (Standard Aluminum) Clevises/Mounts/Pins SS-AT Series (SS Air/Oil Tanks) HH Series with Rod Lock (Heavy Duty Hydraulic)
TA Series (Standard NFPA) SS-MS Series (Stainless Steel Multi Stage) TRAP Series (Triple Rod) Switches/Brackets/Cables AB121 Series (Air Boosters - Basic) MH Series (Medium Duty Hydraulic)
TC Series (Telescoping)   MSEP Series (Multi-Stage)
AB221 Series (Air Boosters - High Flow)
TAS Series (Heavy Duty Pneumatic)
TD Series (Tough Duty)       AI Series (Air or Hydraulic Intensifiers)  
TRA Series (Triple Rod)
AR Series (Air Reservoir)
PFLF Series (Position Feedback Low Friction)
      AR Series with Booster (Air Reservoir)  
BTB Series (Back-to-Back)
      FM Series Rod Lock (Flush Mount)  
3P Series (3-Position)
      HH Series Rod Lock (Heavy-Duty Hydraulic)  


TM Series (Tandem)